Assessments and Seminars

In 2014, Therapy Works saw a marked increase in patients who had painful conditions consequent of their job tasks or workstations. We saw a need for education and support for our local workforce and employers toward prevention of these injuries and maintenance of safe work habits. Our Ergonomics Workshop is offered free of charge to local businesses and organizations in order to educate on the effects of posture and form while on the job. We also offer workstation assessment packages and provide cost-effective options to avoid injury-causing issues that could lead to loss of income or increased insurance premiums. Our aim is to not only return our community to optimal physical wellness but to help protect from painful conditions that affect their quality of life. We are able to do this through education and community outreach. If you’re interested in having your workplace evaluated or setting up an Ergo-Workshop, complete a schedule with us below or call our offices today!