Patient Results

  • I had a great time here at Therapy Works. As I recovered from my injury, everyone kept my spirits high and positive during the process. I would definitely recommend Therapy Works to any person the needs a speedy recovery!

    DeShaun Hewitt

  • I would recommend physical therapy at Therapy Works to my entire team. The team at Therapy Works rocks, they always have smiles on their faces. They always worked to minimize my pain. I will encourage anyone to visit you guys.


  • Physical therapy at Therapy Works over the past two months has allowed me to plan a trip to Paris and feel confident that I will be able to walk and stand on the uneven streets of Paris. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

    Peggy Simmonds

  • I am very pleased with the service at Therapy Works. My knee is strong and I can now manage to exercise better without injuring my knee!


  • When I started therapy, I was in a lot of pain. As therapy went on, my pain lessened until now there is no pain at all now. I would tell anyone needing therapy to go to Therapy Works.


  • Very pleased with the service. My knee is strong and I can now manage to exercise without injuring my knee!


  • My experience at Therapy Works was a very good one, was very helpful. I am satisfied with the service. Thanks to everyone, take care!


  • My months of therapy were no cake walk. Many days I came in barely able to walk but left feeling great and walking normal. Dr. Harry’s dry needling therapy was awesome; I felt better each time. The majority of my back pain was gone by the time the therapy on my back was over. The needling made a big difference.